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  • 类别:策略塔防
  • 版本:
  • 大小:279.0M
  • 语言:中文
  • 更新:2021-04-02


The game introduces [ n] the protagonist of Storm Pirates is a very powerful pirate, players can buy a lot of equipment and personnel in the game, plunder enemy ships, and also need to fight with the beasts in the sea. Our pirate ships are very precious props, so we need to be fully armed, we need a lot of artillery and mortars to defeat the powerful enemies at sea. Players who are interested in this game can come to our 925G mobile game network to download and have a try. [ n] Game features [ n] 1. If you want to become the most powerful pirate, your pirate ship must be fully armed and do more trade. [ n] 2. When we succeeded in defeating the great pirates and the beasts of the sea, we fulfilled the lifelong dream of the pirates. [ n] 3. Weapons are very important to us, not only cannons but also all kinds of locks and so on. [ n] Game Evaluation [ n] whenever we defeat a fierce enemy, we can find a lot of precious treasures, although the task is very difficult, but the reward is very generous.

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